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October 29, 2014

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Alberta, Canada — Following the concept of two entrepreneurs who first discovered the unconventional talents of adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)  in the field of IT seven years ago, a Canadian group launched Meticulon last year. We first reported on Meticulon in Februray of this year, along with an extensive interview with CEO Garth Johnson in ASDigest and continue to follow their story.  Today, the company has found success in its goal of providing jobs for individuals with ASD in the country, and aims to achieve even more.

Belgian entrepreneur Nico DeCleen and his partner first launched “Passwerk” to help individuals on the autism spectrum find jobs at leading IT companies. DeCleen and his partner first noticed the potential of persons with ASD in the field of IT and quickly discovered that individuals with autism could excel in that particular field. According to DeCleen:

“We found that they are good at looking at details, repetitive transactions, they love procedure, they love structure and they also love working with PCs – computers in general.”

Passwerk’s success inspired a group of Canadians to launch Meticulon, a firm conceived based on the Belgian company’s concept of providing IT jobs for individuals with ASD. Merely a year after Meticulon was launched, the company’s success was unprecedented.

Meticulon CEO Garth Johnson said:

“It’s exceeded all of our expectations actually, we have employed seven people we have two more that will be employed by the end of this quarter.”

Meticulon hopes to expand to other Canadian markets in the following years, and is currently aiming to provide employment for another 20 individuals with ASD within the next year. According to Johnson,

“Engaging a person with autism is really like working with a new culture, they really are slightly culturally different, the way they perceive things, the way they communicate things is different, its not wrong, its not broken it’s just different.”

The original article by on the Global News Canada website can be found here


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