Press Release – ESPERITE tackles Autism with revolutionary Genetic test

ESPERITE announced today [Feb 5] the launch of REALITY, the new-generation genetic predisposition test for autism.  REALITY is pivotal for tackling autism because the child can be tested at an early age, even at birth.  This allows for early intervention which is the most effective approach to alter how autism develops.  REALITY is a risk-free, convenient, affordable and reliable test, with results available in less than 3 weeks.  ESPERITE has acquired exclusive worldwide distribution rights (excluding the United States) for IntegraGen’s autism test, the first of its kind marketed in the United States.

REALITY enables early life intervention helping physicians tailor therapy to the child’s genetic profile, lessening anxiety in parents.  Early interventions under the age of 3 -benefiting from the increased plasticity of the brain- stimulate the brain receptors in autistic children to respond in a similar manner to a child without autism.  Early intervention improves communication skills, IQ scores, cognitive and adaptive behavior, allowing children to become more autonomous, follow mainstream education and, when adult, obtain employment and live independently.

Autism is one of the most frequent and difficult to diagnose childhood disorders, with a growing prevalence rate (1:150 children across Europe) affecting all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups.  The chance of autism in younger brothers of affected children is 25.9%.

The economic impact of autism with estimated annual costs of $283 billion in the US and UK alone, is more than any other medical condition and greater than the cost of cancer, heart disease and stroke combined.  “We are paying for the costs of inaction and the costs of ‘inappropriate action,'” says    Dr. David Mandell, Director of the Center for Mental Health Policy and Services Research, University of Pennsylvania. “What these figures show is a clear need for more effective interventions to treat autism, ideally in early life” declares Professor Martin Knapp, Director of the Personal Social Services Research Unit, LSE.

Frederic Amar, CEO of ESPERITE group:  “REALITY provides parents and physicians the key genetic information to best tackle autism through early intervention, fostering a proactive and responsible approach towards doing what is best for the child.”

ESPERITE, through its predictive medicine arm GENOMA SA, is at the forefront of technological and scientific innovation.  Its multimillion dollar genetic platform for clinical diagnostics is the largest in Europe; a highly efficient NGS platform with the capacity to process 75’000 samples per year as of today.  ESPERITE will install Thermo Fisher Life Technology satellite sequencing platforms in the countries where it operates, all connected to its NGS Cloud.  2015 marks the beginning of a new era for personalized medicine.  ESPERITE is leading this paradigm shift and will communicate shortly the launching of new genetic tests.


ESPERITE group, listed at Euronext Amsterdam and Paris, is the leading international company in regenerative and predictive medicine since 2000, operational in 40 countries with a network of 6’000 clinics worldwide.  ESPERITE serves clients in its state-of-the-art lab facilities in Geneva coupled with ultra-modern processing and storage facilities in Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Dubai, South Africa and Portugal.  Its family stem cell bank, CryoSave, stores almost 275’000 samples from umbilical cord blood and cord tissue.

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Source: Stockhouse website: ESPERITE tackles Autism with revolutionary Genetic test