NGO and Justice Ministry launch logo for individuals with intellectual disabilities

New accessibility logo for people with intellectual disabilities. (photo credit:AKIM)

New accessibility logo for people with intellectual disabilities. (photo credit:AKIM)

Tel Aviv, Israel – A new logo designed for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities has been unveiled in a joint initiative between a local non-profit organization and the Justice Ministry.

The logo is intended to serve as a nationally recognized symbol and will thus assist those with various intellectual impairments when they are out in the community or simply amongst the general public. As with symbols for those with physical disabilities, both stakeholders responsible for developing the logo felt that it was important to provide appropriate indicators for those with “hidden disabilities” as well.

Representatives at the non-profit asserted that the symptoms of developmental disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorder are often misunderstood or go unnoticed by members of the general population. As a result, they opted to create a method that would alert the public enabling them to accommodate those with exceptional needs if necessary.

Representatives have therefore recommended that the logo be displayed on signs in hotels, sports arenas, and other areas where individuals with disabilities of that nature will potentially frequent. They have also stated that they are hoping that in the future, other private companies including large shopping malls and stores will make use of it as well.

The unveiling of the logo is set to coincide with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Source: LIDAR GRAVÉ-LAZI on The Jerusalem Post website: Akim and Justice Ministry launch first accessibility logo for people with mental disabilities