Mother of autistic teen sets up website to help those with special needs find employment

Chicago – Attorney Shannon Nash is creator of, that will be live listing employers who will be ready to hire qualified people with autism. Shannon has a 16 year old son, Jason who was diagnosed with autism when he was 18 months old, Fox 32 News reports.

Shannon told:

“Luckily at his school they have a vocational program where they run the coffee shop for the school so I got to thinking, oh my gosh, he can do this when he’s older, let me go online and start finding him internships, only you can’t find that online,” was unveiled at the 12th Annual Autism One Conference in Rosemont.

The online tool offers a career center and employer resource guide as well as naming companies that have hired people with autism.

The Orchard Village organization based in Skokie provides training and work skills to people with special needs, Vocational Director Theresa Kopitzke says:

“There are so many people that if they could just get into a position, I know that they can do it but a first impression is so hard and when you are working with somebody who has difficulty understanding social cues, it maybe comes off as though they do have some social differences, it can be so hard just to get somebody placed,”

Shannon ends by saying that she wants her son to be like anybody else and find a job.

The original article by Tisha Lewis on the Fox 32 News website can be read here