March 14, 2017


Editor’s Note: Autism Daily Newscast is partially financed through the use of Google advertising. As such, we like to occasionally check on what is being advertised on our site.  This is how we discovered “Ultimate Autism Solution” and thought the ad rather sensational. We asked one of our reporters to do a review of the product – with both the pros and cons.  

UPDATE October 2014:

We recently discovered that the site is no longer active and further investigation revealed that this product is “no where to be found”.   Nor is there any mention of The Ultimate Autism Solution on the founder’s web site: which is not no longer in use. 

This original report below was or is in no way a recommendation for this product. We now believe it to be fraudulent.

Upon hearing the diagnosis that their child is autistic, parents immediately begin wondering what they can do to help provide a happy and fulfilling life for their child. They often follow the latest trends, which have been found to be unsuccessful, such as diets and “miracle” medication. Even going to a professional therapist can be unsuccessful and costly.

There are a lot of gimmicks out there that earn huge profits by exploiting parent’s desperation. However, there may be one program that actually is useful and inexpensive. It is known as the “Ultimate Autism Solution”.

Upon first glance of the “Ultimate Autism Solution”, this reporter was highly skeptical. We were impressed after watching the video and looked for reviews. All that could be found were positive things.

The Ultimate Autism Solution is a 12-step program that consists of online seminars, simple step-by-step video training, live webinars, bonus training, one-on-one coaching, as well as full-time support from the program’s dedicated team. There are a number of videos with exercises to help children with autism make friends, reach their full potential, be able to function independently, and most importantly of all, be happy.

This online solution is quite affordable as well, currently costing a one time payment of $67. That beats the hourly price of a therapist by at least twice. Plus it is a one time payment, so if one was to use this program for a year, it would only equal around $0.18 per day. You are also granted immediate access to the membership site, so there are no shipping or products costs, which means the program can be started right away.

There is a 60-day trial, where if you’re not satisfied, you’re entitled to a full refund. We like to see a 30 to 60 day guarantee for products and this one meets that requirement. If it doesn’t work or isn’t up to your satisfaction, you can cancel and all of your money is refunded.

Taken from her bio, the creator, Sandra Artnzen, M. Ed, has spent a significant part of her career working to help children with developmental issues. It is clear from the video,  she is passionate about what she does and is a genuine individual who truly wants to help. If you are a parent with an autistic child and you don’t know what to do, then the Ultimate Autism Solution is worth a closer look. They appear to have done their research and have designed a well thought out program. The objective is not only to help make life better for not only your child, but for you and your entire family.



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