Curemark CEO receives award for autism research

Dr Joan Fallon, taken from LinkedIn

Dr Joan Fallon, taken from LinkedIn

RYE, NY– Dr. Joan Fallon who is the CEO of the drug research company, Curemark, is to receive a Northstar Award from  Springboard Enterprises’, a nonprofit organization , for her work in autism research.

Curemark focus on research aimed at the treatment of diseases.

President of Springboard Enterprises, Amy Millman told that Dr. Fallon is a ‘visionary scientist’.

“Her groundbreaking work and study of children with autism will lead to meaningful improvements in the lives of children with autism,”

Dr. Fallon, who founded Curemark,  started out by initially researching the role of pancreatic and gastrointestinal secretory deficiencies within neurological diseases, then by treating children and through clinical observations this then led to developing  CM-AT, which the press release states,

“has the potential to be a first-in-class treatment for autism and the first therapy to address the core symptoms of the disease.”

 The presentation dinner for winners will be taking place on Oct. 21 at The Boathouse, Central Park , New York

The original press release can be found on the Curemark website here