Zoo keeper camp held for children with autism in Minnesota – w/video

Duluth, Minn. — Children with autism in Minnesota were finally given a chance to experience a special zoo keeper camp, thanks to a joint effort between the Autism Society of Minnesota and the Lake Superior Zoo.

The ‘Zoo Keeper Camp’ was tailored especially for children with autism spectrum disorder, in an effort to help them improve their social skills with ease, with the aid of a number of furry animals at the local Lake Superior Zoo.

According to Autism Society of Minnesota’s Jill Pring:

“In school, there might be one or two students in their classrooms on the autism spectrum, and they don’t really seem to fit in. It’s hard to read other people, it’s a little bit easier when it’s animals. It’s not as stressful and as complicated.”

Participants at the ‘Zoo Keeper Camp’ were given the chance not only to meet the animals living at the Lake Superior Zoo, they were also taught facts about each of the animals, and how they are being cared for.

The Autism Society of Minnesota plans to hold another event similar to the ‘Zoo Keeper Camp’ by October of this year, this time at the Great Lakes Aquarium, which is also in Duluth. The charitable organization plans to call this forthcoming program an ‘aquarium camp’, which will be open to kids aged 5-15.

Source: Heidi Enninga:WDIO:  Zoo Keeper Camp Helps Kids on Autism Spectrum