Young man with autism, Reginald “Neli” Latson released from prison

image taken from the petition

image taken from the petition

RICHMOND, VA –  We recently reported on the case of Reginald “Neli” Latson, a 23-year-ol man who has autism, who had allegedly assaulted a correctional officer. Our report can be read here. Appeals made to Virginia Governor to intervene in case of man with autism.

Advocates from mental health and civil liberties groups asked the Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, to intervene in the case and to secure Mr Latson’s release.

On Feb 4 we were extremely glad to read the report by Kerima Cevik on the petition, Grant A Pardon To Reginald Cornelius “Neli” Latson, that Mr Latson is now safe and well back in Florida.
“Thanks to Governor McAuliffe’s pardon, Neli Latson is now in Florida. He arrived there last night, enjoyed his first full day today, and sounded relaxed and relieved on the phone this evening. Neli knows that many, many people rallied in support of his right to receive treatment rather than imprisonment and he is very grateful for all that was done on his behalf.”

The petition goes on to further add that Mr Latson knows that he has a lot of adapting and learning to do but that he is motivated to do so.

Ms Cevik further adds:

“Thank you for your efforts.” “You’ve righted a wrong and made the world better.”

Source: Neli is Safe in Florida