Young girl struggling with autism writes down qualities of a ‘true friend’

Dublin — A young girl with autism was asked to write down the qualities of what she would consider a ‘true friend’, and she came up with things that reflect the struggles that children with autism often deal with.

Molly-Raine Adams is seven years old, and she was only diagnosed with autism in July of this year.

To many, a diagnosis of autism in their children would typically sadden families caring for them— but in the case of Molly-Raine, they saw how the diagnosis has allowed their child a sigh of relief.

Before she was diagnosed with the developmental disorder, Molly-Raine’s mother said she was struggling to understand what was wrong with her brain. Now that she finally received a diagnosis, the young girl is relieved to find out about how her brain was wired in a different way, and that it’s okay. In an interview with ABC News, her mother told:

“[Molly-Raine was] so relieved. Before she had cried her heart out saying her brain was different and now she understands it is, but that’s okay!”

In her note, Molly-Raine wrote things that mirrored the real struggles of children with autism like her. It said:


A Friend

Someone who . . .

anbrstans (understands) me

nos I have atesm (knows I have autism)

smiles all the time

cees me comgin wen im sad (sees me coming when I’m sad)

Source: Genevieve Shaw Brown: ABC News: Little Girl With Autism Pens Friend Wish List