Young Boy with Autism Allegedly Hit in Face by Paraprofessional

Brighton BeachBRIGHTON BEACH, NEW YORK – An eleven year old boy who has autism was allegedly hit in the face by a paraprofessional assigned to special needs children at PS225 in Brighton Beach. The parents are now reaching out and are speaking  to Eyewitness news reporter Sarah Wallace.

A criminal complaint was filed against 58 year old Milton Parker for striking autistic student Anatoly Veltman, Jr. in the face on August 7.  The boy had spilled water in the cafeteria. When Anatoly did not seem to understand Parker’s order to clean up the mess Parker assaulted the boy.

The boy’s father told:

“When I walked into the emergency room and looked at him, he had a huge blue bruise above his eye,”

The boy’s father is planning to sue the city for failing to protect his son and lax supervision and inadequate training.

The boy has been taken out of the summer program by his parents because of this trauma and worry how their son will react when he returns to school this fall.

Parker was arraigned on charges of assault, harassment, menacing and endangering the welfare of a child. He is due back in court on August 26.

The original story on Eyewitness news can be read here