Special Education and Behavioral Connections helps children with autism in Detroit

children playingDetroit — Now helping children with autism in a community that was once out of reach is the Special Education and Behavioral Connections.

Children with autism in Detroit and the families caring for them now have a place where they can find help, thanks to the center— which sits in an office inside a building donated by Rev. Dr. Jim Holley of the Little Rock Baptist Church, located just adjacent to Special Education and Behavioral Connections’ location. According to Dr. Holley:

“These children are smart. They learn in a different way, and this is why I feel this is so important for Detroit.”

One of the center’s behavior analysts, Madeline Budzen, told:

“Things that were previously diagnosed as maybe just global mental retardation are now being diagnosed as autism… If the child is not diagnosed, the behavioral issues will increase. They probably aren’t developing good communication skills, and then that puts a lot of stress on the families.”

Special Education and Behavioral Connections runs on the Michigan Child Waiver program, and each child in the center is educated according to their needs, with simple language skills and social communication embedded in their individual programs.

The center hopes to help build a brighter future for children with autism in Detroit through its programs.

Source: Mitch Albom Click on Detroit Detroit center builds brighter future for autistic youth