Skateboard Exhibition in Las Vegas Raises Money for Autism Charities

skate boardCity of the World Art Gallery, Las Vegas – 160 hand-painted skateboards are on display in the gallery during the Artists for Autism Skateboard Project exhibition. One skateboard portrays Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance from the film, The Shining

The exhibition has been coordinated by the Autism Community Trust (ACT) which is a local non-profit organisation that raises funds for various autism charities as well as for City of the World in Downtown Las Vegas.

When the exhibit opened more than 40 boards had already been sold with all proceeds going to Fund Families for Effective Autism Treatment of Southern Nevada.

Skateboards range in price from $100 to $300.

ACT Executive Director Julie Ostrovsky told Las Vegas Weekly that they used guitars for the exhibit last year so using skateboards seemed a natural progression.

Local business Sports Social work with children who have autism to help teach social skills through sport.

Julie Ostrovsky continues to say:

“We took that passion that our kids have for skateboards and asked the artists to create these amazing pieces of artwork,”

The skateboards will be on display and on sale through until December 27.

The original article in Las Vegas Weekly can be read here