Russian supermodel joins forces with London moms to help children with autism in Russia

image credit, twitter

image credit, twitter

Editors note Factual corrections to this article were made on September 16.

London — Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova, who also happens to be the woman behind the Naked Heart Foundation, has joined forces with “Russian Moms in London“— a web-based group of Russian-speaking women living in London— in the hope of helping those children who are supported by the project.

Vodianova has recently made headlines by standing up for her disabled sister, who appeared to have been discriminated against at a local coffee shop in her hometown.

The Foundation which operates all over the country and abroad with the aim of giving children with ASD and severe communication-related, cognitive and behavioral disorders the opportunity to study is school. For the past two years the Foundation has been training teachers to work with such children.

The Naked Heart Foundation’s forthcoming project in Russia focusses upon teaching kindergartens to use the latest approaches to working with children with autism.

Over the last 11 years the Foundation has built 140 inclusive play facilities for children of all abilities and has financed dozens of Russian NGO’s focussed on children with special needs as well as running a Family Support  Center in Niznny Novgorod.

The Foundation’s new project will see them providing help and support to parents and expert training to teachers and child development specialists.

According to “Russian Moms in London” leader Natalia Kusnetzova:

“We care about what is happening in Russia and the collaboration with Naked Heart is a great opportunity to support the development of inclusive education.

“We want to find out more about child autism to help others to understand it. We also hope to gather money for training teachers of inclusive education.”

The Naked Heart Foundation was founded in 2004 with an aim to construct modern play facilities for children of all abilities in urban areas of Russia.

Source: Alexandra Guzeva Russia Beyond the Headlines London moms and Russian supermodel join forces to help autistic children