Rosanna Davison reacts to online backlash on ‘autism, schizophrenia, and arthritis’ gluten statement

From Wkiipedia Taken 2008

From Wkiipedia Taken 2008

Dublin — Former Miss World and international model Rosanna Davison has recently been under fire after claiming in a healthy eating column that gluten is responsible for a number of disorders and diseases such as autism, schizophrenia and arthritis. She decided to react through a statement published on her official website.

Davison’s claims were called by many as irresponsible, citing that the model has no evidential basis to back her statement.

In the column, interviewer Carolynne Dunne says Davison cited research that shows,

“[Gluten is] responsible for a huge range of medical conditions from autism spectrum disorders to schizophrenia to arthritis.”

Davison also claimed in her Irish Independent health column feature that eliminating gluten from her husband’s diet was the cure to his rheumatoid arthritis.

But many were not impressed by the former Miss World’s statement, and that included Arthritis Ireland, which responded in a form of tweet saying:

“There is no evidence to suggest that the serious auto-immune disease of #RA can be managed through a gluten free diet.

Davison decided to clear things up by taking it to her official website, wherein she tried to explain what she meant by the statements she made on the Irish Independent health column. Part of her statement read:

“Comments I made on gluten and its connection to rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in the Irish Independent Weekend Magazine have caused quite a reaction this week, and I would like to explain exactly what I said and what I meant.

Firstly, I completely agree with Arthritis Ireland, in that those who have been diagnosed with RA must manage their disease with the advice of their GP and consultant, and not through diet alone.

My qualification in Nutritional Therapy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine enables me to advise on a client’s diet and nutritional needs, but always in conjunction with their GP if they’re on medication, have a disease or need to get tests done.”

Further clarification continued yesterday with Davison posting the following tweet,

Davison said that she designed a diet which focused around possible non coeliac gluten sensitivity (NCGS), which she said she did upon the request of her husband, who wanted to try a dietary remedy first. This helped her husband start to feel better, according to her.

The model also denied claiming that gluten can be directly attributed to autoimmune and neurological diseases. She told:

“I was by no means stating that gluten causes arthritis or any other diseases, or that they can be cured by removing it from the diet. But I felt that it was acceptable to share the experience that my husband had with making dietary changes to control his pain.”

Source: Brynmor Pattison in The Irish Mirror Rosanna Davison faces online backlash over ‘autism, arthritis and schizophrenia’ gluten claims
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