“Reveal” wearable device helps to monitor anxiety levels in individuals with autism

Vancouver, BC – A device that will help to monitor anxiety levels in individuals with autism is currently being fine-tuned with the help of Lower Mainland families who have been affected by the disorder.

As previously reported, the device was developed by Andrea Palmer, a UBC student who opted to create a tool that essentially acts as a link between individuals with autism and their caregivers. The wearable device is named “Reveal” and functions through the use of sensors that measure indicators such as heart rate, sweat as well as skin temperature.

The readings are then culled and transmitted to a parent or caregiver of the wearer who is thus notified when the child or adult is susceptible to having a negative reaction to either internal or external stimuli prior to the actual onset of it. With approximately 15 000 BC children on the spectrum, Palmer saw the need to create a device that would be useful in mitigating some of the symptoms that are inherent to the disorder.

While Palmer admits that her team has been faced with several challenges including difficulty securing funding and problems related to Reveal’s algorithms, she admits that the benefit it can provide to families makes it worthwhile. Parents interested in providing input in order to help Palmer fine-tune Reveal can email hello@awakelabs.com.

Source: UBC News website: UBC students develop wearable device that monitors anxiety in autistic children