Perceptions: Raising autism awareness in Dhabi through artworks

Abu Dhabi, UAE — Emirati students created artworks that showcase how they perceive the experiences of children on the autism spectrum.

The students, who were first requested to spend time with the children of the Abu Dhabi Autism Centre, drew inspiration from the youngsters they met at the center. The activity was part of an upcoming exhibit called Perceptions, an initiative hosted by Investment AD.

Perceptions, now on its second year, was conceived as part of Investment AD’s efforts to fulfill its corporate social responsibility in the country. Manar Al Hinai, Corporate Communications Head at Invest AD, told:

“The aim of the Perceptions exhibition is to change people’s understanding of autism through artistic collaboration.”

The use of art though is also an important part of the students’ education as it is an expressive means for them to communicate.

Reem Omar Abdullah, a graphics design graduate and one of the participants at the exhibit, said that she was astonished by the children’s artworks. She told:

“I didn’t expect that from such young children. If I didn’t know they were autistic, I would assume they were made by professional artists. I knew straight away that my art would have to reflect not just their talent but the fact that they are normal people like me and you.”

She further added that hopefully when people view the exhibition that these individuals will be viewed differently.

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