Old school gives new life to children with Autism

 school childrenInkstir, Michigan – Baylor Elementary School in Inkster was closed in 2013, It has now reopened and has become the new home for a county-wide autistic program which is run by the Garden City Public School. It now has the new name of, The Burger Baylor Center for Students with Autism.

Garden City Public School Superintendent, Michelle Cline stated in the Home Town Life article, that  they had been looking for a new site for over four years an that this school was the perfect answer.

There are 160 students with 27 classrooms and offices for special speech and occupational therapy. Social workers, psychologists, a nurse, a library, music room, gymnasium, cafeteria, computer lab and an enclosed outdoor playground have made this a great place to be.

One room has been transformed into a studio apartment, including a complete kitchen and laundry room, in order to help teach life skills to the students that they will need in the future.

With the expanded space, several retired teachers calling themselves SWAT -Seniors With Ample Time, are volunteering their services.

Sossi, the assistant principal said.

“We have a great staff with great kids who deserve a great place.”

The original article by Sue Mason on the Home Town Life website can be read here