Northern Michigan launches first autism assessment and treatment clinic

CMUMt Pleasant, MI — Central Michigan University (CMU) has just launched the first ever clinic for the assessment of autism.  in Northern Michigan. The program  received a grant from Michigan’s Department of Community Health, which funded the entire project.

CMU’s graduate school students will aid in the diagnosis and treatment of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the clinic, mostly through Applied Behavior Analysis services. CMU BSBA Director of Training Deborah Grossett said that she intends to train more clinicians to address the increasing number of children with autism in the US. She told:

“I want to train more clinicians as the rate of autism increases in this country. I think we also need to see an increase in the clinicians and providers of these services so that more and more children can have applied behavior analysis services provided to them.”

CMU Autism Assessment Program Director Christie Nutkins said that they wish to train more students at CMU in hopes of expanding their services outside of Central Michigan.

A legislation passed in the state of Michigan in April of 2012 allowed insurance companies in the state to cover ABA, that is  used to help children diagnosed with autism.

The original article by Charlie Lapastora on the Up North Live website can be found here