Neuroversity: a game that will help individuals with autism develop career skills

computer Redmond, Wash. — A Microsoft employee came up with an idea of a game called ‘Neuroversity‘ that will help individuals with autism develop career skills necessary for them to find employment in the future.

Cari Mason’s brilliant idea is just one of the many projects being worked on by both old and new developers alike at the annual Microsoft Hackathon— an event where programmers collaborate together to help complete each other’s projects.

Cari and the team working with her are trying to come up with Neuroversity in an effort to help those on the spectrum develop and improve certain life skills. The game was inspired by Cari’s son, who has autism. According to Cari:

“You know, I’m really not as worried about winning. What I really want to see is people’s lives impacted. I want to see people be able to play these games, and I want to see their lives changed.”

Neuroversity’s current version runs on PCs, and was tested by individuals with autism themselves during its development.

Cari’s employers at Microsoft are also stepping up their efforts to help those on the spectrum. Aside from the company’s partnership with the Special Olympic Games, Microsoft also committed itself to employing individuals with autism for certain jobs in the company, including those that require coding and math skills.

The company even patented a pair of glasses designed to help those on the spectrum recognize the emotions of the people being looked at.

Source: Ken Heslip Check out Neuroversity, a game that helps people with autism develop career skills