Neighbor who shot and killed teen’s autism service dog faces charges – w/video

Tobee, screen grab from Fox 4 News

Tobee, screen grab from Fox 4 News

Missouri, KS – An area man has been charged by the municipal government for violating city bylaws after killing his neighbor’s autism service dog.

According to reports, Hannah Guzman’s service dog Tobee had to be euthanized by a local veterinarian after being shot in the backyard of an individual residing in a nearby home. Guzman, a teenager who has Asperger’s Syndrome, relied on the canine to assist and provide support for her socially, emotionally and in her daily living activities.

Additionally, because those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) generally prefer consistency and are therefore resistant to change, losing the companionship and services that such dogs provide can potentially cause severe emotional distress and subsequently be traumatic for its owner. Hence, Guzman is now struggling to accept what occurred and questions why the neighbor, who owns a dog of his own, opted to shoot the canine instead of alerting her, a member of her family or the authorities. The teen states:

 “He has our phone number; he could’ve called the police, animal control. We probably would’ve been willing to pay the fine for him being loose.”

The neighbor is claiming that he had shot the dog in order to protect his family, nonetheless according to police, he has been arrested and is now facing charges stemming from the incident.

The original article by David Edwards on the Raw Story website can be read here