Mexican man with Aspergers wins the right to make his own decisions

_70526520_70526519A 25 year old man with an Aspergers diagnosis has won the right to make his own decisions regarding his life free from parental consent.

Ricardo Aldair took his case to the Supreme Court, as under Mexican law, he was did not have the right to make key decisions about his future. Under Mexican law, Mr Aldair couldn’t sign for his own passport, or apply for a driver’s licence.

This is a ground braking ruling, and may open the doors for more Latin American people to apply for their rights. In Mexico, menial tasks like applying for a mobile phone, enrolling in college or university very difficult for someone who has an Asperger’s syndrome.

The Supreme Court judges ruled for Mr Aldair by four votes to one. Mr Aldair said:

“I want to be allowed to decide what to do, where to go, where and with whom I want to live or travel, where to work or study. All my papers currently have to be signed for by my parents.”

Mr Aldair’s lawyer Andres Gomez Montt , said that all Mr Aldair really wanted was the sense of freedom allowed to his peers without a diagnosis, and the Supreme Court had allowed that to happen by voting in his favour.