Massachusetts Police Dispatcher Found to be Operating a Fake Charity Paintballers 4 Autism

Paintballers for AutismWESTFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS – Richard Greenaway Jr, age 36, and a police dispatcher who was accused of operating a fake autism charity and keeping the money had his charges amended to larceny over $250. It is unclear how much money he actually took. According to the IRS Greenaway never filed with the IRS as a charity.

Greenaway worked in Northampton as a Massachusetts State Police Dispatcher.  He was put on paid administrative leave when the charges were first filed.  It is not clear what his status is presently after the amended charge.

Greenaway operated his fake charity out of his Sycamore Street home under “Paintballers 4 Autism“. District Attorney, James Orenstein said it is nearly impossible to ascertain the exact amount. Originally it was reported that between May 2012 and November 2013 Greenaway used almost $5000 for personal and $9227 was transferred to an unknown account.

Greenaway, after being uncovered by and internet promoter, donated $25 dollars to autism. His scam involved volunteers who donated their time to this fake charity and paintballers who participated in tournaments thinking they were raising money for autism. Many people connected to paintballing donated items which were then sold with the fake logo on them.

Larceny charges carry a possible sentences of up to five years in prison and up to $25,000 in fines.

The original article by Dan Warner on the Massive.Com website can be read here