February 21, 2020

tabtoob_headerIPad from Apple is one of the most popular tablets in the world today. Tablets are changing the lives of those with special needs and particularly individuals on the autism spectrum. Form personal computers we moved on to the portable laptops and now tablets are even more portable and accessible to use for those with challenges.

IPad is used by millions of people around the world and is becoming an invaluable learning and communication device for the autism community. Autistic Spectrum Digest reports monthly on the latest iPad applications being created specifically for those with autism. However, this device is quite expensive and protection against falls and other accidents can be an issue. That’s when the Tabtoob comes in takes care of the matters really well.

Tabtoob is a durable and sturdy cover that covers the iPad from all sides in order to protect it from accidents, falls and shocks. If you have an iPad and your children like to play with it at home, you must get Tabtoob today. This is an affordable product that has been designed to protect an iPad in the most intelligent way possible. Once you have your iPad inside the Tabtoob cover you stop worrying about it getting broken. The tablet will be safe and protected even if it is dropped or even thrown as show in the video below.

The best thing about Tabtoob is that it protects the screen well. The front of the cover is a bit deep so when your iPad falls face down its display will never touch the floor. The Tabtoob cover also protects your tablet from dirty hands and marks. The material of the cover is slip-free so you can hold the iPad without a care. The Tabtoob cover also includes a travel lid that covers the screen when you are traveling. The lid gets latched to your iPad from 4 sides so when in need you can detach the 3 sides and use the lid as a stand for the iPad.

To insert the tablet into the Tabtoob cover you just need to slide the tablet in and push it out when you want the tablet out. This is an affordable and perfect thing to have for anyone who owns an iPad. Furthermore, if you have a child with special needs at home this product might bring a little peace of mind. This cover is affordable and guarantees maximum security for your iPad. It is available in black, blue and red color so you can pick the one that is your child’s favorite color.

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