Lee & Marie’s Cakery in Miami Helps to Spread Autism Awareness

Lee & Marie's Cakery from Facebook

Lee & Marie’s Cakery from Facebook

Lee & Marie’s Cakery and raw food restaurant Bar Crudo, South Pointe, Miami – is owned by Andrea “Andy” Travaglia and employs people who are on the autistic spectrum.

Andy told the Miami New Times Blogs that she developed the company with the mission to hire people with autism.

Andy who is originally from New York said:

“I had the idea to start the bakery when I moved into the neighborhood and realized there was not a place to have fresh-baked goods and coffee within a 12-block radius.”

She also added that she thought the bakery woud be the perfect way for her to create her dream of hiring people on the autism spectrum.

Andy told that when she opened Lee & Marie’s Cakery she was:

“so excited that I hired my employees with ASD before I had the right team of managers and chefs in place. I learned that I needed to build a solid foundation and infrastructure first, and that takes time in the restaurant business.”

With regards to Bar Crudo Andy says that she wants this to become the evening extension of Lee & Marie’s and a place where people can eat and drink, relax, and meet new people.
She also states that Bar Crudo is:

“a place for customers to make a connection with someone with autism. I want people to experience something that is fun, delicious, special, and familial.”

The original article by Ily Goyaneson the Miami New Times Blogs website can be found here