Lance’s Brewery Tours, a Year in the Making

lancesheaderLance’s Brewery Tours – Lance Rice possesses extreme encyclopedic knowledge of beer history as well as a rare photographic memory. He has a collection of over 4,500 cans and each one tells its own story.

Lance’s Brewery Tour began over a year ago when his nephew Aaron Rice, a film producer, set out to help his uncle write the book about the history and culture of American beer. Autism’s Daily Newscast’s Laurel Joss reported on the story back in October 2013 and it can be read here.

Lance, who is on the autistic spectrum was accompanied by Aaron while on his research tour of many midwest brew houses and during this time they also helped to spread awareness about autism.

In the end Lance traveled more than 25,000 miles and visited more than 70 breweries.

Lance told Lynna Lai from the WKYC News:

“It’s about reaching families and giving them encouragement to be whatever they want to become.”

Now that he is home he has started to write the book abut his journey and so far has written 66 pages.

As well as this a documentary film of their tour is also in the works. They had reached their funding of $30k by the time the campaign closed on June 7, 2014

Lance’s Brewery Tour website can be viewed HERE.