Kansas City planner makes CityHub easily accessible for autism

article-2620656-1D967A5D00000578-393_634x450article-2620656-1D967A5D00000578-393_634x450Kansas State University – A city planner form Kansas has designed a City Hub toolkit to make busier cities more accessible for people with autism.

The brainchild of City planner Elizabeth Decker, an architecture student who has an autistic brother,  has developed software which makes larger cities a more comfortable space for people on the spectrum. It involves linking public transport and services interspersing green areas with housing.

Ms Decker explains in an  interview with the Daily Mail:

‘Through this project, I really want to understand my brother. I want to see him go out in the real world and be successful. This project was a way for me to research more about autism and learn more about people like my brother. It helped me figure out how we can design for a group of adults that is getting bigger.

The Urban toolkit demonstrates where major cities sometimes lack in the six needs that people with autism require in their city, transport, housing, services, health support, employment and vocational training.