Interview with actor Phoenix James

Phoenix JamesFilm and television reviews (and interviews) by our resident autistic film critic Maymay.
Maymay was lucky enough to interview this amazing actor. Not only is he talented and incredibly handsome, he has a HUGE heart and was patient and kind with Maymay. Phoenix was aware that she is autistic and he treated her like a friend, answering her questions when he could, and explaining to her why he couldn’t answer others. He was encouraging to Maymay, and praised her for her quality of questions. She has become a HUGE fan of Phoenix and is excited to see him in his next big movie!

What was it like to be in a James Bond movie?
It was a really great experience. I grew up watching all of the Bond movies as a child so it has been an amazing and surreal thing to actually appear in one. I had the opportunity to be involved in various aspects of the creative process behind the scenes too on a few of the various locations during shooting, which was also equally great to be a part of. A very wonderful and impacting experience.

What was it like being in an action movie like James Bond compared to a magical one like Cinderella?
They were both action-filled and very magical to be a part of in different ways. I particularly enjoyed working on Cinderella because it is also such an inspiring, rich and uplifting story for children and those people like me who still believe in magic and fairy tales.

What’s your favorite part about being an actor?
My favorite part about being an actor is the creativity, the language and the art involved in all of its aspects. I’m in love with that and the ability to express ones self and tell a story and paint endless colors and pictures of the world we live in, and or a world that doesn’t exist to all of us but still represents a true idea or thought or an experience of something real to someone. It’s connectivity.

I saw that you’ve directed and starred in many films. Which do you prefer?
I began acting first and directing for film came much later. It’s still a new world for me in terms of directing film. I’ve always directed things however and though I’m an actor first, I get a great deal of enjoyment from both. I thoroughly enjoy the creative process being behind and in front of the camera. Both are very magical places to be where amazing things happen each and every second. If I’m not acting, I’ll be writing or performing or filming or directing something.

Who has been the most fun to work with?
The entire cast of Love Freely but Pay for Sex have so far been the best and most fun to work with. I’ve learned so much from working with them all, a truly very talented, creative and supportive bunch of actors and individuals, they have been a great treasure within my film making experience so far.

When you worked on Cinderella, did it feel magical like you were really in a fairy tale or did it feel like all the other movies you’ve been a part of?
Working on Cinderella felt just as magical and amazing as you would want the experience to be working on the set of a live-action childhood fairy-tale movie. It’s something that shall stay with me always.

What is your opinion on live action Disney films? Is there any specific Disney movie you would like to see live action?
I love live-action Disney films. Seeing now the things I saw and read when I was young being brought to life in a grand fashion on film is a true joy. I get to be a child all over again and bask in the nostalgia and memories of my childhood within the recreated stories in an epic big screen cinematic style and also with an adult mind and understanding of the messages and lessons within, that I would have overlooked or missed as a youngster. Recreate them all I say, each and every one, again and again for every new generation to come.