Girl with autism abandoned by cab driver

Manchester, UK – 11-year-old girl with autism Lucy Devlin was abandoned by her cab driver when she couldn’t come up with the extra fare. She was a half mile from school.

Since her parents can’t always drive her to school they made arrangements with Denton’s Call-a-Car to have a driver take her for £4 (about $6.41) a ride. Lucy paid in advance. It’s unknown whether the driver didn’t know of the agreement, or if they simply didn’t care, when the meter hit £4, even though they were quarter of a mile from school, the cabbie asked for extra. When she couldn’t pay it, they let her out. Thankfully the father was able to guide his daughter the rest of the way. Though the event left him understandably angry. Her father, Peter, told Inquisitr

“She said the driver asked her to get out because her £4 was up and dropped her at the wrong side of a main junction. It’s a quarter of a mile from the school and a change in her routine,”

People with autism often can’t handle changes in routine and crowds, one of the main reasons Lucy takes a cab instead of public transport. The manager of the cab company is looking into the issue. The Devlin’s have also brought the matter to the town council’s attention.

Source:  The Inquisitr website: Cabbie Abandons Autistic Child On The Side Of The Road When She Won’t Pay Extra Fare

Contributed by Audrey. Hollingshead