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March 14, 2015

Scotland – Paul Browne has been separated from his son  who has autism and complex needs, for over seven years.  In 2008 his son Darren now aged 27, was sent 300 miles away from home to a Birmingham hospital, Wast Hills House Hospital in Kings Norton.

Mr Browne was told by experts that this was the only facility that could deal with son’s complex needs at that time. He was also told that Darren would only be there until a place could be found closer to home. and that at most it would only be for two years. That was seven years ago.

Mr Browne told the Daily Record that his son’s health is getting worse further adding that  every time he has to leave, Darren cries out. The family can only make monthly visits if they can afford to do so.

“We were told he would be there for a maximum of two years, but it’s been seven long years travelling up and down.

“I just want to take my son home. But because it’s a secure unit, there are laws preventing me. It’s heartbreaking.”

Mr Browne further says that his son is getting more frustrated and unsettled and that he needs to be moved closer to his family. He has had many discussions with Renfrewshire Council about finding a suitable placement for him, but as yet no date has been set.

Renfrewshire Council and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde told that when a client has complex needs it can be difficult to identify a suitable provider that is close to where the family are situated and that they are working with the family in order to bring Darren home.

“We have short-listed a number of possible providers. The family will be involved in the final selection process.”

Source: Sally Hind om the Daily Record: Dad of autism sufferer begs care chiefs to return son to Scotland after seven years of 300-mile trips take their toll



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