Echo – Gave me a Headache

EchoAfter receiving a bizarre series of encrypted messages, a group of kids embark on an adventure with an alien who needs their help. ~ IMDb

It was an okay movie, but the jumpiness in it gave me a headache. It was an E.T. with Super 8 and The Blair Witch Project type of movie. I liked Emma and Echo. They were my favorite characters. Echo was adorable and I wish I could find a little space alien like him. I didn’t understand why construction workers were looking for Echo. Also, I don’t think they were real construction workers. If they weren’t, who were they? Very curious. I probably missed the part that explained it, but the jumpiness of the movie made it hard to follow all the time. I wish they had used less bright lights and jumpy camera scenes in the movie and showed more of Echo. The movie is about Echo and they barely showed him.

It gave me a headache.