Driver left autism boy on bus

Albany, Oregon – A boy with autism was kissed goodbye as he left for  school by his mother in Albany, Oregon, and then ‘disappeared’ for a length of time.

Lyfe Ellefson-Hamar was found over an hour later still in his seat belt, when the driver had parked up in the garage, and left the bus with the doors wide open.

Lyfe’s mother Ashlee Ellefson said that she was absolutely terrified when she received a phone call from the school asking where her son was. Father Jeff Hamar told The Oregonian:

“As a parent, you know, the worst case scenario runs through your mind. When they found him, it turned from fear, to panic, to outrage.”

Lyfe is non verbal.

The driver has been placed on paid leave pending an investigation by the district. Jim Haggart, spokesperson for the Greater Albany Public school district said:

“Special needs bus drivers are the more experienced drivers, they get more training. He should have known better, we certainly understand why the parents are concerned. Sorry this happened.”