Defense Lawyer not Allowed to Quit Kelli Stapleton Trial

kelli stapletonBEULAH, Mich.  – Attorney Heidi Hodek, a defense lawyer has been ordered to stay on the case for the trial of Kelli Stapleton, the trial  is due to start in a few days time.

Stapleton is accused of trying to kill her autistic daughter.

Heidi Hodek has told that there has been a “total breakdown” in her relationship with Kelli Stapleton. But a Benzie County judge has refused to remove her from the trial.

Stapleton is accused of trying to kill herself and her teenage daughter last year with carbon monoxide poisoning inside a van. Autism Daily Newscast first reported oh this story back in September 2013 and can be read here

Trial is set for Sept. 3.

Prosecutor Sara Swanson says there’s no sign that Stapleton wants a new lawyer.

The original news story on the WSBT 22 news website can be read here