August 26, 2020

Havana, Cuba, The International Neurological Restoration Center (CIREN)– are developing a project that is aimed at validating and measuring the effectiveness of interventions in patients with autism disorders.

Neuro-pediatrician and deputy director of CIREN,Hector Vera Cuesta, told Prensa Latina that the strategy is based on individual diagnosis.

The program began with Cuban children and includes the analysis and research of patients through neuro-physiological or biochemical imaging. They are looking for ways to characterize the process.

Hector Vera Cuesta said:

“We are still in the research phase, but we hope that once it concludes and is confirmed, its efficiency can be extended to the entire country”

He also highlighted the importance of individuality.

“There cannot be a unique recipe, as TEA has a spectrum of symptoms and multiple causes,”

Prensa Latina state that Cuba is committed to physical and cognitive rehabilitation that includes special education through occupational therapists and social relations and speech therapy.

The original article on the Prensa Latina website can be found here


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