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May 29, 2018

Livonia, Mich. — A crossfit gym in Livonia, Mich. is hosting ‘Lift Up Autism’ to raise funds for the Roosevelt ASD program of the Roosevelt Elementary School and the national autism research.

The fundraiser also hopes to help local ASD programs in the city.

Couples Nick and Monica Carignan, who are co-owners at the CrossFit 8 Mile gym, has a son who was just diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) earlier this year.

The couple was at first clueless about the condition of their son, two-year-old Landon, until their youngest child, Tristan came along.

Although the couple observed that learning for Landon wasn’t easy, they haven’t fully realized how far behind he was until their youngest was born. According to Monica:

“It was almost like peeling an onion with him. The more weeks that went on, the more we found out some autism markers.”

Landon will be attending Roosevelt Elementary School this fall, and both Nick and Monica said they will do everything they can to help him out— and that includes raising funds to help his school.

Back when Perrinville School was still open, the special needs programs were in the same building and shared equipments. Now that it’s been closed down, things are a little tougher for those in the ASD programs. Monica told:

“We really want to try and donate something to them to help them along.”

‘Lift Up Autism’ is happening Saturday, Sept. 19, at the CrossFit 8 Mile gym in Livonia. Donations made for the fundraiser through its Eventbrite page will go straight to autism charities like the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation and the Autism Tree Project Foundation.

Proceeds coming from items purchased from the gym like shaker bottles and wristbands, on the other hand, will go to local ASD programs in Livonia, including the one that Landon’s currently in.

According to Nick:

“The event is about raising awareness. A lot of parents, especially first-time parents, don’t know unless you have family members or a direct relation with someone with autism, you don’t know because he looks like a normal kid.”

Source: David Veselenak: Hometown Life Raising awareness: Livonia gym hosts autism fundraiser

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