Couple who were wrongfully accused of abusing daughter with autism win lawsuit

lawOakland County, MI – A West Bloomfield couple has been awarded 3 million dollars after suing the prosecutors who had wrongly accused them of sexually abusing their special needs daughter.

In 2007, Thal and Julian Wendrow were charged with several felony counts following allegations purportedly made by their daughter Aislinn. The young girl, however, is nonverbal and has autism which made it difficult for both parties to ascertain the veracity of her claims.

Aislinn had indicated that she had been a victim of abuse with the assistance of a facilitated communication (FC) technique that many medical professionals argue is an inaccurate means of garnering information. However David Gorcyca and Deborah Carley, the prosecutors in the case, chose to pursue the charges and made defamatory statements about the Wendrows to the media

The charges were eventually dropped yet the family still struggled emotionally as a result of the incident and opted to file a lawsuit seeking compensation. They were thus awarded 3 million dollars in their case against Carley and Gorcyca for defamation and violation of their civil liberties. Despite the verdict, both lawyers maintain that they had acted in “good faith” and genuinely believed that what they were doing was in the best interest of the child.

The original article by Ronelle Grier on the Morning Sun News website can be read here

Contributed by Althea Estrella Violeta