Compactness Joins High Quality Photos With Canon PowerShot Elph 110 HS

canon-ELPH-110-HSAutism Daily Newscast continues to look at affordable cameras to be used by those on the autism spectrum. Canon PowerShot Elph 110 is the sleekest, lightest and smallest cameras you would have seen before. It is very compact but features all the great aspects you would expect from a good camera. It takes still photos and shoots videos so you can have all kinds of fun with this camera. This camera uses the CMOS sensor so you can expect fast and better performance in processing the photos as opposed to the processing time taken by CCD sensors. It is a 16-megapixel camera so it takes you much higher than your smartphone cameras in terms of picture quality.
There is no viewfinder on this camera but the big 3-inch LCD screen should allow you great details of all the scenes before you capture them as photos or videos. Still photos are taken in JPEG format and videos in H.264 AAC that are considered the best formats for smallest sizes of photos and videos respectively. Another great option is the presence of optical image stabilization for better picture qualities. It has rechargeable Li-Ion batteries but an extra battery pack is highly recommended for longer photography sessions. It is one of the only cameras that produce great pictures indoors with ISO levels up to 800.

The camera is compact but buttons are amply spaced and with black buttons on silver body it becomes a great camera for people who have special conditions like autism and can’t concentrate on complex looking visuals. Another thing that makes this camera a great fit for autistic people is the small number of buttons on it that are not overwhelming for any user. It is not one of the best cameras when it comes to shot-to-shot timing but high-speed burst mode takes care of that shortcoming to some extent. The camera allows you HD viewing of your videos through HDMI port on its right side.

One of the biggest drawbacks that users will see in this camera is the low battery life and so it is highly recommended that you keep an extra pack of batteries with you anywhere you go and decide to shoot some photos. There are dozens of special effects that can be applied from within the camera so it competes well with smartphone cameras here and video shooting along with great pictures make it better than smartphone cameras. There is a blink, face, subject and smile detection technology incorporated in the camera making it a fun camera for taking photos.