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July 29, 2014

Taken from Facebook
Taken from Facebook

Colorado Springs, COBlue Star Recyclers is employing what the world wrongly  thought was unemployable: people on the autism spectrum. Bill Morris, owner and founder of the business run non-profit, knew he wanted to help the neurodiverse find work not only because 90% of them are unemployed, but because employment will give them much needed paychecks and much more needed self worth. As he told 9News

“Generally we see the negative aspects of autism, but autism has attributes like a propensity for systematic work, productional work, receptive tasks.”

And these attributes are just the kind he needs for his business of recycling obsolete electronics.

Each employee of Blue Star is tasked with disassembling hard drives and other  old electronics for recycle. They are given daily goals to reach and usually recycle about 250,000 pounds of electronics each month. While this might seem tedious to some, to the employees it’s exactly what they like doing. Especially employee Leigh Schilling who told  9News,

“My record is 175. I love taking apart hard drives. I think it’s one big puzzle. I love it.”

Shillings is not the only one. Since the companies inception six years ago productivity has increased 30% each year with literally no turn over, no absenteeism, and no lost time accidents, something that is unheard of in other industries.  The bonus though, is that with each employee he hires, he saves taxpayers $15,000 in public assistance. The recycling company plans to expand to Denver in the coming fall. Morris already recruiting his staff for that location.

To learn more please visit Blue Star Recyclers website

The original article by Kelly Sommariva on the 9 News website can be read here

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