College introduces interior design class to help those with autism

Sanford, FL – A course developed with the goal of teaching the interior design of living spaces for children and adults with autism has recently been introduced by Seminole State College.

The class, which will be offered as an elective course for students who are pursuing an education in interior design, was recommended by Bert Fonesca, an executive at a development firm whose teenaged children have the disorder. Although it’s in the pilot phase of development, the class has already been hailed by those enrolled in it as an effective means to potentially teach what has been coined a “design empathy” approach.

Thus through the course, students are taught the importance of designing living spaces with the needs of those with ASD in mind. Hence they are provided with the opportunity to learn how to use colour, fabric, technological innovation and decor to create spaces that are calming for those who have sensory issues.

Additionally, many individuals on the spectrum face challenges in their homes that can compromise their safety and overall comfort. Therefore students will also be instructed on how to create ways to address the challenges through innovative design techniques. As Ledy Martinez-Loor states:

“These are kids. They have special needs. You can completely change their life, because their house is their world.”

The original article by on the Orlando Sentinel websitewith video  can be read here