‘Circles’ features actors with autism w/video

Image taken from the Facebook  Circles - Autism Short Film page

Image taken from the Facebook Circles – Autism Short Film page

Decatur, Ga. — Production is underway for a new movie in Georgia, in a city that’s quickly making its way to becoming a new movie-making capitol. But what makes the movie unique from all the others ever done here before— or anywhere in the history of film— is that most of the actors in it are on the autism spectrum, including lead actor Sam Seidel.

In the movie, entitled ‘Circles’, 16-year-old Sam plays the role of Ollie, a teenage boy with autism who struggles with expressing his feelings as his best friend moves away. Director Jesse Cramer said of Sam’s character in the movie:

“This character has emotions that run just as deep as anyone else, and he’s fighting to tell the world what those are.”

Some members of the film crew, who flew all the way in from Los Angeles, were astonished by the talents they observed from the actors with autism. According to Director Cramer:

“The entire crew keeps coming up to me and saying these actors are the best actors (they) ever worked with because they want to be here so badly.”

Director Cramer himself is in awe of Sam’s skills in front of the camera.

“He is unbelievably natural in front of the camera. He’s dynamic. He has these huge pensive eyes, and he thinks about every scene, the subtext of every scene.”

Sam, on the other hand, is just as passionate about the movie as everyone else. If things don’t go as planned, however, he told:

“If this movie never airs, at least I had good food.”

Contributed by Althea Estrella Violeta

Source: Jaye Watson on the 11 Alive news site: New movie features actors with autism