Children with autism get a ‘raw deal’ with new diagnostic guidelines


On February 2, Autism Daily Newscast reported that children with autism may be missed due to tightening in the regulations of the diagnostic guidelines by the 640_Autism

Initial reports since the implementation of the new guidelines shows that autism and autistic spectrum disorders may be underdiagnosed in a third of those children seen by a specialist psychiatrist.

An article in Fox News and Medical daily on February 26 cites a new study in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders that diagnoses may be reduced by up to a third. The research was conducted post implementation by the Columbia University School of Nursing.

Medical daily write:

“A team led by Kristine M. Kulage, MA, MPH, director of the Office of Scholarship and Research Development at Columbia Nursing, conducted a systematic literature review and meta-analysis to determine the effect of changes to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the APA’s classification tool for psychiatric conditions, on diagnosis of individuals with ASD. The study found a statistically significant decrease in ASD diagnosis of 31 percent using the new manual, DSM-5, compared with the number of cases of ASD that would have been identified under the previous version of the manual, DSM-IV-TR.”

Kristine M. Kulage, leader of the research said:

“We are potentially going to lose diagnosis and treatment for some of the most vulnerable kids who have developmental delays. In many instances, children require a diagnosis of ASD to receive medical benefits, educational support and social services.”

The statistical diagnosis rate in America at the moment stands as 1:88 children diagnosed with Autism per annum, but we may see this drop substantially due to a change in the guidelines.

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