Child with Autism Gets Beloved Stolen iPad Back

iPadMadison, AL – 4th grader Joshua Wortham got his prized iPad back after it had been stolen from him many weeks ago. This was with the help of Apple software and Madison Police Sargent, Drew Westrope. interviewed Joushua’s mother Rebecca, to get the skinny and found out that this iPad was not just a learning tool-it was Joshua’s lifeline. Like most people on the autism spectrum who have trouble socializing, Joshua uses technology to connect to, and feel connected to, the outside world. 

Every night before bed he journals about his day and then listens to soothing music to lull him to sleep. During the day he uses it to design vacuum cleaners, cars, take movies, photos, and FaceTime with family. In fact, when his brother Caleb was in the hospital recovering from HSP Renal he FaceTimed with him and his parents everyday, to see how his brother was doing.  

The theft took place Tuesday, June 3 when Joshua was waiting outside for his Grandmother to take him to his ballet lesson. He got into his parents open mini-van with the device and left it there once his grandmother picked him up. 

As soon as he knew it was stolen the family contacted the Madison Police department and was connected to Sargent Drew Westrope. He said to”‘lock” the device with an app called “FindMyIPad.” The app e-mailed them as soon as someone attempted to access it’s data and the police went to the supposed house of the iPad. This turned up nothing. 

Weeks passed. By now Joshua was brainstorming new ideas to raise money for a new iPad. That’s when they got their big break. Another e-mail was sent from the app and this time it provided all the info Sargent Westrope needed. He retrieved the iPad the next day and Joshua could not be more thankful. 

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