Child with Autism Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Hand

South Lake Tahoe,CA –  A 10-year-old with autism shot himself in the hand in a Staples parking lot Thursday afternoon. Police and paramedics arrived at the scene and the boy was transported to Barton Memorial Hospital by ambulance.

In an investigation completed by police they learned that boy left unnamed for protection was visiting South Lake Tahoe with his also unnamed grandparents. The grandfather is a peace officer in another part of California. This status permits him to carry a loaded firearm in his vehicle. The pistil in question was fully loaded and stored in the glove box which has no locking device. 

The incident happened while the grandfather and grandson waited while the grandmother went to Staples. The grandfather soon got out to take their dog for a quick walk around the lot. The boy took the opportunity to open the glove box and retrieve the firearm. When the grandmother was leaving the store to return to the car the gun accidentally fired, the bullet shot the small finger of his right hand. He quickly showed his injury to his grandparents by getting out of the car and waving his hand. The damage to the boys hand is quite serious but not fatal to the child overall. 

The  officers secured the gun as evidence and are turning in their investigation to the El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office for review concerning possible child endangerment charges against the grandparents. 

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