Child with autism receives Spider-Man drawing from Stan Lee

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Harlem,NY – 8-year-old with autism Jamel Hunter recently received a drawing of Spider-Man from one of the web slinger’s creators Stan Lee. The drawing came about after New York Times reporter Michael Wilson had written a piece about the fan and his mother Phyllis for New York Times’s Neediest Cases Fund.

The article detailed the trials Hunter faced as he struggled with autism, and his overwhelming love for the webbed wonder that culminated in a Spider-Man themed party for his 8th birthday.

After the article ran Phyllis Atwood was not happy with the reactions it generated. she told the New York Times,

“I don’t like people feeling sorry for me.”

But one reader didn’t feel sorry at all. Instead, she felt inspired. Famed Jazz musician Corky Hale whose played with such greats as Billie Holiday, Tony Bennet, and Barbra Streisand, was also connected with another great-Stan Lee.

Mr. Lee told the New York Times over the phone,

“This was a unique experience. Corky called me and said there was a little boy. She wanted a sketch, so I did one.”

The stick figure drawing sporting Lee’s signature was sent to the original article writer Wilson who got it framed. He delivered it to Hunter shortly after, who was all smiles.

Source: Spider-Man, in Sketch Form, Visits an 8-Year-Old Fan in Harlem