Charges dropped against psychologists connected to autistic girl’s death

Tamiyah AudainFt. Lauderdale, Florida – The charges against two psychologists connected to the death of a 12 year old girl with autism were dropped last week due to legal technicalities. Psychologists,  Juliana Gerena and Helen Richardson were indicted on August 22 on one count of failure to report child neglect.

Tamiyah Audain died on September 25,  2013.  The little girl suffered from deep bed sores, bone deep wounds and had lost a significant amount of weight. Tamiyah  was malnourished and her weight had dropped from 115 pounds at the end of 2012 to  56 pounds at the time of her death.

A spokesman for the Broward County state attorney’s office released this statement,

“Investigators subpoenaed the treatment records of Gerena and Richardson, who had been monitoring the girl’s autism.  Because the records were obtained by subpoena and the attorney for the psychologists invoked their fifth-amendment rights against self-incrimination, giving them immunity, that effectively barred the state from using those records against them in the future.”

Charges are still in effect against Tamiyah Audain’s caseworker Jabeth Moye, 34 and her caregiver and cousin, LaToya Patterson, 33.

The original article by Carol Marbin Miller from the Miami Herald website can be read here