Celeb doctor, Lula Kamal helps to raise autism awareness

Image taken from twitter

Image taken from twitter

Jakarta – 44-year-old professional doctor turned celebrity Lula Kamal is actively trying to change Indonesian attitudes towards people with autism. She is known throughout Indonesia as a soap opera actress and film, as well as a presenter on a number of TV shows and radio programs.

Kamal, whosevarious  appearances has made her a celebrity, was quoted on the infotainment website kapanlagi.com as saying her main concern is raising awareness of the learning difference:

“My main job is to get attention from public officials as well as looking for funds,”

She further added that finding information about autism is extremely rare in her country of Indonesia.

“Autism is a developmental condition. It is not a disease, like many people think,”

Along with her public posts she has also made educational videos on how to manage children on the spectrum.

The original article in the Jakarta Post can be read here