Caught on camera, eleven-year-old girl with autism attacked by two teens girls – w/video

fearCleveland, Ohio– Joyce Swann is mother to an eleven-year-old girl, who was brutally attacked by two older girls on Saturday April 25. The attack was captured on cell phones, in three different clips.

Ms Swann told Fox 8 Cleveland that her daughter has been bullied in the past, as her autism makes it difficult for her to communicate with others.

“She mimics people,” said Joyce, “But she doesn’t mean no harm, because she doesn’t know how to really communicate with people period because of her autism.”

Ms Swann told that the two older girls involved in the attack have taunted her daughter before and that she had told her daughter to avoid them.

The attack took place in a Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority complex, on East 66th Street in Cleveland. not far from the family home.

The eleven-year-old girl was knocked to the ground, choked and punched in the face.

The attacker’s mother can be seen and heard in the video, shouting “get her” and “beat her” up.

CMHA police are now investigating the attack, and the two teens and adults who were involved.

*UPDATE – Calia Harris, 30 has now been arrested and charged with aggravated rioting in connection with this assault.

The video below, taken from The Fox 8 Cleveland news site, shows disturbing footage of the attack.

Source: Suzanne Stratford on the Fox 8 Cleveland news site: Mom says 11-year-old daughter with autism attacked by adults, teens