Caudwell Children to set up autism center in Keele University

logo_caudwell_childrenStaffordshire, England — Caudwell Children, a non-profit organization based in Staffordshire, UK, has announced its plans to set up the first-ever autism center in the county, which will be located inside Keele University.

Caudwell Children’s proposed autism center will offer services such as therapies, treatments, and family support services, and will be housing equipments needed by caregivers to provide maximum care for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Keele University welcomed the organization’s proposal with arms wide open. According to Vice Chancellor Nick Foskett:

“Not only are we delighted that Caudwell Children are hoping to develop a facility at the university, we are also excited to be working in partnership to develop further understanding of particular conditions in children. We hope that through these types of innovative partnerships, our research impact can be maximized, alongside providing the local area with a fantastic provider.”

Before Caudwell Children’s proposed autism center, the nearest center that offers similar services is in Essex. Families who have heard about the news were happy to find out about Cauldwell Children’s proposal.

Autism advocate Kevin Healey believes the planned autism center can pave the way for services aimed at helping at adults with autism in the future. He told:

“This is a really good idea and I hope Caudwell Children and Keele University develop a way to expand this service for adults in the future. Children are only children for a certain period of time and the transition into adulthood can be immense, so anything that helps that would be great.”

The proposed autism center hopes to be a base for future groundbreaking researches, and will be providing assessment and treatment services for children with autism.

Caudwell Children is yet to announce, however, its target date of completion for its planned autism center.

Source: Laura James:  The Sentinel: Autism centre at Keele University will ‘put Staffordshire on the map’