Cat who saved child with autism from a dog attack gets ‘Hero Dog’ Award – w/video

Triantafilo family from Facebook

Triantafilo family from Facebook

Bakersfield, Calif. — A brave cat who defied all odds to save a child with autism from a vicious attack from their neighbor’s dog was given a ‘Hero Dog‘ Award. Autism Daily Newscast  last reported on this story, Family Cat saves Young Boy with Autism from Savage Dog Attack, back in May 2014.

Tara the cat was given the National Hero Dog Award by the The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles for exhibiting extraordinary bravery during an incident wherein four-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo, who has autism, was attacked by a neighbor’s dog. The young child suffered deep wounds on his leg, but his parents said things could have been much worse had it not been for Tara’s bravery.

Tara has also been previously awarded the Blue Tiger Award— an award usually reserved for military dogs— for her heroic action where she was seen throwing herself against the attacking dog to keep it away from the young child. According to U.S. Exercise Tiger Commemorative Foundation Executive Director C. Haines:

“At a board of directors meeting this summer, it was brought to our attention that Tara fulfilled a similar mission.”

Tara’s heroic action not only gained her two awards, but also a significant fanbase on social media sites Twitter and Facebook, as well as a Cafepress shop selling T-shirts with her own personal logo on them, and her very own website.

Source: The Inquisitr: Tara The Cat Wins ‘Hero Dog’ Award For Saving Autistic Boy From Attack