Canada bound for Danish firm helping autistic people to find tech jobs

CC BY-NC by vissago

Thorkil Sonne started up his company Specialisterne to aid people, like his son Lars, to get a head in the world of technology. The company has since expanded into 11 other countries, the newest of which will venture to Canada.

The base for the company will be in Toronto, with staff being sought for Vancouver and Montreal. Sonne hopes that the employment for the company will be around 10,000 for Canada, ranging from directly employed staff to people who have shown an interest in the ethics of the company.

Sonne, whilst speaking to the Star said:

“What we’re trying to do is open the doors from inside the corporate space. The ultimate goal is that there will be no need for Specialisterne any more, because our knowledge and views have been embedded in the infrastructure locally.”

Parent company SAP AG, a giant software multinational, announced earlier this year that it aims to have people with autism make up one per cent of its global workforce by 2020. Specialisterne are directly involved in screening, training and support of those candidates.

There is a higher rate of unemployment amongst young adults and people with autism, suited to jobs in this industry which can’t find the expertise to fill them.  By giving young adults with autism the skills and coaching they need, the company hopes to tap unfulfilled resources not thought of five years ago.