British taxi company apologizes to mother of child with Asperger’s

Liverpool, England — British taxi company Delta Taxis apologized to a mother of a 10-year-old with Asperger’s following an incident two weeks ago wherein the driver of the taxi that the mother and son were riding reportedly scolded the young child.

According to Claire Brown, she and two of her sons, Seth, and Noah, who has Asperger’s, were on their way home inside the taxi after a shopping trip when a lady suddenly crossed the street in front of the taxi they were in, prompting the driver to hit the brakes hard.

This made Noah upset and causing him to start screaming, which, in turn, frustrated the taxi driver who almost immediately scolded Noah.

Brown said she tried to explain Noah’s developmental condition to the driver, but the driver told her that his niece has the same condition, but is able to obey commands.

Shortly after they arrived home Brown sent an email to Delta Taxis complaining about the driver’s behavior, but her message was apparently ignored until she decided to send a second one to which they responded Tuesday.

The company told Brown that they have strongly suggested for the driver to undergo an optional program called ‘Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and Children’, and has promised to give Noah a Toys R Us gift certificate.


In an interview with ECHO, a spokeswoman for the taxi company told:

“The complaint has been addressed with the driver concerned. During the journey, a pedestrian stepped out in front of the driver and he had to brake hard to avoid an accident.

“Regarding his outburst and reaction following this, the driver acknowledged that he should have handled this a lot better and is willing to attend one of our courses which specializes in the safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children.

“I have spoken with the complainant and have discussed this with her today, describing the benefits of the course and have also offered a gift voucher for her son. I can confirm that the matter is now resolved.”

To mitigate damages, Delta Taxis tweeted the following on Friday,

 “To date 727 Delta drivers have completed specialist training in safeguarding vulnerable adults and children.”

Source: Helen Davies in Liverpool Echo News Delta Taxis apologises to mum of boy with Aspergers Syndrome